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Innovative graphic design solutions primarily in the disciplines of Cartography, GIS, Mapping, Illustration and Design. Expertise in Data and Information Management, Web Design and App Development

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I specialise in technical graphic design primarily in Cartography, GIS , Illustration and Design. WordPress websites are my speciality and most recently I’ve added App development to my service offering.

I appreciate the importance of getting the right message across and I work closely with my clients to achieve this goal.

Design is at the very heart of what I deliver. I care about providing my clients with graphic design solutions that are creative, innovative, appropriate and cost-effective.

Proud to be a design led creative offering innovative graphic support solutions.



With 40 years of upstream oil industry experience I produce maps of the highest quality, everything from contour depth/time maps to montages and geological cross-sections and well correlations.

I understand the art of presenting, communicating and analysing spatial relationships by means of maps. This includes extensive use of related technologies such as gravity mapping, remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS) implementation.

I am fully conversant with most graphics software packages and have extensive experience of importing maps into existing document management (EDM) systems.


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